We congratulate all twelve games companies that received development support from NFI today. We are deeply impressed by all the companies that received funding in this round and wish them luck with the development of their new games. We would also like to note that the number of companies to receive funding in this round have increased from approximately 8 to 12, which shows a strong commitment to game development so far this year.


The games which received support are:

Elias og Jakten på Nordlyset – Ravn Studio (2.000.000,-)

Elias and the hunt for the Northern Lights is an adventure game with lots of exciting rescue missions, ferrying and exploration, cooperation and competitions.


Trolls vs Vikings 2 – Megapop (1.000.000,-)

Expanding on the contents of the strategy game Trolls vs Vikings. The game will continue its colorful style and a popular game mechanics, and still have more than enough depth for the most hardened of strategy visionaries.


Warhammer Arcane Magic – Turbo Tape Games (900.000,-)

Warhammer Arcane Magic is a turn-based strategy game for PC where players take on the role of a group of magicians from the world renowned Warhammer world.


Redux Ark – Hyper Games (800.000,-)

The developers call the game a «survival and exploration adventure game» and was inspired by games like Don’t Starve and Bastion.


Earthlock: The Last Memory – Snow Castle (750.000,-)

 The Earthlock saga continues where we left our heroes in the first chapter.


Degrees of Separation – Moondrop (600.000,-)

Degrees of Separation is a cooperative two-player game with puzzle solving and platforming. You play two classic opposites, fundamental opposites, but must learn to use each other’s strengths to overcome the obstacles they encounter.


The Iconoclasts – Bifrost Entertainment (500.000,-)

The Iconoclasts tells a rich and personal story of tension between individual needs and the common good, with an unusual mix of humor and seriousness.


Manual Samuel – Perfectly Paranormal (225.000,-)

Manual Samuel is a 2D adventure game with a strong emphasis on storytelling and humorous characters.


Cube Cube – DOS Studios (220.000,-)

«Cube Cube» is a rhythm-based music game where your character rolls along to the music in a rythmic and visual world.


Fugl – Gjestland Film (185.000,-)

«Fugl» is a different sort of flying game in 3D for tablet computers and smartphones, where you control a bird that has strayed from the flock and must find his way home.


The Frost Rune – Grimnir (150.000,-)

The Frost Rune is a classic point-and-click mystery game for iOS, set in an authentic Norse environment. The player gets to explore contemporary historical environments, rich in detail and mysterious artifacts.


Orbit – 4Bit Games (50.000,-)

«Orbit» is a multiplayer spaceship game for 2-4 players playing locally on the same screen. In «Orbit« you must maneuver your spaceship between planets at high speed, and take gravity into account to beat your friends.