The Economic Policy Council works for the state with the Norwegian goverment regarding cultural and creative industries. They have representatives from all cultural and creative industries in this council. Representing the game development industry we have Fredrik Sundt Breier from Turbo Tape Games located in Bergen. As well as Kim Daniel Arthur from Superplus located in Tromsø. Their experience and voices will be a welcome addition to this council.

On asked for a comment Kim sead:

«The Norwegian gaming industry has experienced high activity and growth in recent years. Much of it is the results of an enormous good work across organizations in the gaming industry, where there is great openness and companies reinforce each other with good cooperation. The energy and the desire to create among game developers have been reinforced by the good work done by all. Including the work Virke (an organisation working for both the movie and game industry) and NFI (the governmental Film Institution) has stood for, which really has speeded up the game industry in Norway. It’s nice to see that the government sees this growth, listens to industries, and now puts even more focus on creating a good ecosystem for lifting the creative industries and the gaming industry in Norway forward, both nationally and outside of our borders.»

To be included on this governmental council is a big step for the gaming industry. Computer games in generall are in some regards the “New Kid on the Block” when it comes to governmental inclusion. This could generate a lot of visibility for the industry in Norwegian government.

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