We received funds from Innovation Norway to hire our first “game developer in residence” in 2014. We believe that we need expertise from the smartest people in the world who know the ins and outs of the global game market and can help us grow.

First on our list was the spectacularly smart and wonderful James Portnow. After a few months of negotiations we were so proud and happy that he agreed to spend some time with us.

The feedback from the game developers has been tremendous and we hope that Mr. Portnow will forgive us, one day, for working him hard. We needed and still need his help and his generosity was enormously helpful to many of us. James’ knowledge of games, game design and the industry as a whole was priceless. His stay with us taught us a lot about our industry, the areas we needed to work on and reminded us that our passion for game development can result in commercial succcess if we dare to dream large enough.

As an extra bonus, Portnow made this Extra Credits episode about Norway, which we feel is spot on!