On Thursday we’ll be celebrating the opening of Bergen Game Collective. We’re super pleased that the game developing studios Retrogene, Rain Games, Bitsquad and Henchman & Goon are moving in together! We believe that together we are stronger and we have high hopes of excellence coming out of the collective and from each individual studio!

We’re not the first in doing this.  In Hamar they started Hamar Game Collective , Tromsø has Flow and Oslo has just started House of Nerds!  We believe that the strong regional communities will thrive together – and we hope to see them working together region to region too!

GameDev Norway will be renting a workplace here which you can use whenever you are in town and working with the Bergen Game Developers. Just let us know so we can book the time for you!

The party starts at 7 pm here.

Those of us attending the Girl Geek Dinners event will be arriving around 9 pm.

This is going to be fun!!