GameDev Norway is a resource center for game developers in Norway.

Our aim is to:

1) Inform game developers in Norway about funding opportunities and how to attain it

2) make Norwegian game developers visible and attractive to publishers, VCs and investors from all over the world.

3) build a common network of resources and specialists that can help our industry grow in the global market.

GameDev Norway is an initiative started and owned by the Norwegian Game Developers Guild.

The Game Developers Guild was founded in 2011 by a group of game developing companies in Bergen. They recognised that they were competing on a global scale and if they helped each other by learning from each other’s mistakes and victories, the industry would be stronger and grow faster. The Game Developers Guild’s main goal is to build the game developing industry in Norway up to a sustainable level.

The Game developers Guild has now grown into 5 regional chapters and is a national organisation representing the game developers in Norway. They organize workshops, get-togethers, conferences, game jams and facilitate several social events with other industries.

Since 2013 we’ve been working towards building a center for the game developers that will be able to cater to their needs and help them to achieve commercial success.

GameDev Norway is a part of this work. Although we are still looking for funding to get our initiative fully functional we believe it is time to share with the world our work. So much good is coming out of the Norwegian game developing community and we wish to shine a light upon it while providing resources to help the industry grow.