Rock Pocketeers hard at work!

Rock Pocketeers hard at work!

Rock Pocket Games has recently released their new game Shiftlings. Despite their hectic schedule, we were lucky enough to have a quick interview with Natascha Röösli, their PR, Marketing and Content manager.

Rock Pocket Games was established in 2008, and what started as a one-man company can now boast of fourteen full-time employees. While they first started making mobile games, they have now expanded to become one of the few companies in Norway that are certified and experienced in developing games for all available platforms.

Rock Pocket has a large repertoire of playful and colorful games that interest players of all ages. Natascha Röösli explained that for Rock Pocket, the most important aspect when making games is to make players smile and interact with each other.

I think there is a red line through all our games when it comes to art style and lightheartedness. We like colorful and quirky. (…) A lot of our team grew up during the colorful 3D Platform period with games such as Ratchet & Clank, Crash Bandicoot etc. So it’s also really important for us to try to bring these kind of experiences back and prove once and for all that colorful and quirky games don’t necessarily have to be for kids only.

2782602-shiftlings_artThis vision can be found in their new game Shiftlings. Working closely with Sierra, Shiftlings was released on Tuesday March 3rd for PC and console. This hilariously colorful and bouncy co-op game has garnished some fantastic reviews along with receiving an honorable mention at GDC this year.

One of the important aspects in any game company is having future plans, and despite releasing Shiftlings only a few weeks ago, Rock Pocket have already several to keep them busy. As well as work for hire, they are continuing their work on Olivia & Spike as well as a new project named D.I.G. which just received a development grant from the Norwegian Film Institute.

When asked if Rock Pocket had any tips for coming developers, Natascha recommended:

“Start small and work your way up. Don’t start with a project that is high risk. Do Game Jams! Network, get out there and make friends but do it with care and be respectful. Stay humble and remember that helping others and supporting others as an indie developer doesn’t take away from your own success (and it’s a great feeling, too, to support others). Share your experience and learn from others as much as you can. Most importantly, failing is not a bad thing. It took Rovio 40+ odd mobile games to get their first hit. It’s the passion and perseverance that counts.

Oh and, learn Unity ;)”

Check out their web pages for more information about Shiftlings and Rock Pocket Games.